Customer Commitment
Where it's working with our customers to develop new products, assisting  another  Eric  plant  or  helping a fellow temmate on the job, a satisfied customer is the primary goal of everyone at Erie.

   Oue   product   includes   everything   we  do  for   our customers. Customer  satisfaction  begins  with  communication -  a  thorough understanding of customer requiements and the follow through to get the job done. We   listen  to  our  customers,   provide  prompt  solutions and quick fulfillment of customer order, from stock items to   customer  products   built  on  a  short  lesd  time.   Successfull customers service isn't possible without teamwork, and everyone at Erie is on the customer service team.

CONTROLLI, inrecent years, has obtained a significant   presence   and  became  a  market leader in control systems  for  large  and presti-
gious buildings.

      Although    the    design    of     building,    both architecturally  and  functionally, is in a constant state of evolution, CONTROLLI has the ability to provide  the  necessary  level   of  comfort   and energy  saving   through  intelligent   control   for heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system for     industrial,     commercial     or     residential  applications.