"APS"     Automatic   Shrink    Packaging     machine   incorporated  technology  and  numerous  features  for your  comfort   and   convenience,   less    cost    of     maintenance     and    excellent    function    to    be   easily,   familiar   and    safety   in   order    to  preserve   the  machine's  value   and   maximum   benefit  in daily use.

engineers  who   are   not   only   have   more   than  12  year  experiences  in    shrink   packaging and   also  supply  "APS"   Automatic    Shrink   Packaging  Machine   into   the   market more than 10 years.

Our  Packaging  Wrapping  Systems have  been designed not for use the aseptic containers (like Tetra Brick and Combibloc) but we do design to convert to many kind of products which required of a special way to wrap.

              As  far as  the  several dimensions  and  shapes  of  the container are  always changed  when the style packaging uncontrolled   line,  the  most  effective  operation  of   the "APS"   Automatic  Shrink  Packaging  Machine  are  appealed to prevent that excessive distortion.

         "APS"  Automatic  Shrink  Packagin  Machine  are  deserved of dairy plant, cosmetic  field,  pharmaceutical,  food  products,  soft  drink, shampoo, tooth paste etc..

             Nowadays, we have more capacity to invite the customers all around the  world   to  see  how  far  technology  and  design of the shrink packaging machine we are.


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